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Reviews for "TheTakeoffShow: Book"

Nice little dude. Keep it up.

Not bad kid, keep it up but work on proportions.

AnimationRules responds:

Yeah, I'm working on proportions now. The first episode will be more proportionate.

while it wasnt all that funny or detailed.. it was still a fairly good animation.. hope to see more from you in the future.. props xD

The chase in this animation was quite funny. The animation needs some improvement but I guess you don't have that much experience yet so that kind of an easy one but I'm sure it will improve. Unfortunately the audio was really bad. You had a nice timing (syncing audio / video) but the quality of the audio and the sound levels made it unpleasant. Some of the sounds / text are so loud it starts to clip. Making sure that all your audio is at about the same level and that there is no clipping will give a much smoother result.

I kinda feel mixed about this, because the animation isn't necessarily all that complex, but it has a good Edd Gould feel to it. However, it's not really all that funny, but it feels a bit childish in my opinon. Still, it's an okay skit none-the-less.