Reviews for "DIGININJA NG v2.0"

What the fuck was that?

A bit bloody hard for a flash game, don't ya think? God, I didn't even have this much trouble in Mortal Kombat 2 against that bastard Kintaro!

cool, but to hard

It's a great game but it's just to damn hard,
A game like that should have some leeway,
and you can't see where you are falling or jumping to. other than that I thought it was a pretty good game, just could use a little touching up.

this sucks

this is a crap game.....too hard to jump....enemies are too strong...what the hell is with the lemons?!?!

Review for DIGININJA NG v2.0

That looked nothing like a ninja! Besides, it has never been proven that ninjas carried swords, moron! It has however, been proven that they used scythes, halberds, and poinguards, but enough about that. I did not even understand how to kill the last three er... what are those things? Lemons? This sucked so much that it wasnt worth my two seconds to download it.

yesterday shit