Reviews for "DIGININJA NG v2.0"


the only thing proventing you not to get a 0 was the nice character sprite,but this game was loveless shit,i havnt played such a peace of crap,if i could,i would delete it.i dont want to harass your work that much(sorry for saying it that hard) but this game freaked me out,it made me nervouse.and just one more tip,if you dont warn people,that you use flashing elemnts in your game,you can get really big problems.so please,warn us next time.


it wasn't the best game i've ever played but it was hellacool compared to bloody rage sdk.


This game pissed me off but I have to admit it was well done, and that I probably just suck at this game....and all games like it.
Nicely done.


i dont know what that last guy was playing but that was fun