Reviews for "Astronaut - 13 (Rukkus Remix)"

This is one of your best songs yet. That's awesome dude, most artists reach a peak and then go downhill from there... but not you.

Rukkus responds:

Thanks a lot for positive feedback man. I always put a lot of effort into one-upping myself and making vast improvements from one track to the next. Progress is key my friend!

BEST REMIX............. EVER!

this is f**king awesome

Awesome! I think for your next song, you should do a dubstep remix of Für Elise. Also, it would be cool if one of your songs was put into the main Geometry Dash levels! You should ask Robtop about that...

i definetly agree with u Memelais, its too short :( I love this song and never want it to end, but the drops are epicness in a bottle!! great work m8 :D