Reviews for "Astronaut - 13 (Rukkus Remix)"

I have been trying to find this song for over a year. It was right under my nose the whole time. Come back Rukkus.

I miss you so much, where have you gone? Have you just stopped music altogether? I honestly don't even know if you are alive, I can't find any activity from you anywhere...

Hope you're doing okay, know that we love/loved your music and would be very excited if you were to ever return.

Pretty solid mix. Sounds just a bit lo-fi and distorted in places though. Sounds just a little overcompressed. Other than that, superb and satisfying work. It sounds like it's your samples and cymbals that are crackling. I'm not sure if you intended them to sound like they'd been run through an antique gramophone, but hey. Just not quite my taste.

Keep up the good work!

Truly a masterpiece.

Its sad to see your career stop to a halt, especially when you were getting to be really good at making music. This is definetly a very lenient remix, relying heavily on some of the original sounds from the first, however, it has an array of new sounds used to make it stand out from the original. The opening is an amazing introduction for whats about to come, and the stop start kind of beat is really cool. The next part is incredible and chilling, especially with some of the darker sounds and the rise makes it even more scary, there is a little mix of noises from parts of the song right before the drop which is really cool, the drop has those little high notes then the dubstep growls which are incredible, then the second part is just the dubstep growls and no high notes which makes it sound much better and adds some variation. the percussions are amazing, as well as the bass. the highhats(?) are really well used and make the song have this rush feel to it, then followed by a little segment with a little haunting melody and the snares signifying the percussions are about to change, the same thing over again however there are different percussions which is completely fine considering we haven't heard all this too long. After the amazing first drop, there is the repeat of the chilling rise segment, which is fine considering it works so well, followed by a more dragged out version of the cluster of noise, then the second drop which has a higher pitch version of the first drop which works really well, the percussions are much better, as well as the growls, then the ending of the second drop is the first drop, then the outro segment which is the rise but with vocals from the original. Overall this is a great song, there are only 2 flaws. In my opinion, its way to short, and it also could have a bit more originality instead of being so reliant on the original. I will give it a 4.5 out of 5, because this is an incredible song with barely any flaws.

Let me say one thing...
Minesap is a f-cking GOD in choosing music for his levels.
I mean...
The distorted astronaut music in the first bit and two EPIC DROPS.
The strange voices in the bg.