Reviews for "Swords of Beef - Teaser"

lol that was 10x ridiculous. Laughed hard n' long though.

Excellent animation, phenominal detail. Funny and left everyone with a cliffhanger, which I guess is the point of a trailer.. Forces people to ask "What happens next?" and to stick around and crave for it. Hope I see more of your work, you guys rock.

Interesting how this never made frontpage! Animation was good.
The background was stunning, and well i can only say, im very exited to see a full episode of this!

Good Luck

Excitement lurks deep within my scrotum

Johnny WHERE are you what are you.. doing... been a fan since the begning. You seem not to have your head in the game... You and I both know this video is crap just making shit cause your fans are expecting it.... are you doing school are you taping some new ass?.... TELL ME!.... Gonna give you a 5/5 cause you're awesome.. just can't seem to find ya... and true fans will understand where im comming from....