Reviews for "Swords of Beef - Teaser"

Excellent quality as usual. Great setup that manages to avoid the typical "save the world" story. Love the character and his endearing expression of perpetual foolishness. And last but not least, a solid cliffhanger that leaves me wanting more. I'll be sure to watch, and refer to as many of my friends as I can. Been a long time fan, and looking forward to more!

Haha, this looks great. Can't see the finished work!

Killed myself laughing, This is what i love to see!
The animation is wicked sick, you guys are killing me lol..
your Direction was professionally done, and experienced, for a teaser the file size of this movie was incredibly huge.
Sheer brilliance.

5 stars, can't wait for the rest.

when he is breathing heavy it is choppy the graphics are good but the comedy is a bit backward.
the voice action is good the effects are good but it is short hope that helps you on your series .