Reviews for "Swords of Beef - Teaser"

Superb goddamned!

... it looks to be very interesting, the length of the movie suprised me, i was hoping for a bit more information on the character, but it was enough to get the vibe of the animation, it was smooth and well drawn and the music and voices were well done. it seems as though it will be a hilarious epic and i look forward to the full version, or at least the next chapter.


cool or dare i say it kewl
to be honest when i clicked the video to watch i didnt read all the title just really read el-cid and swords of ... so i kinda tohught maby its wont be a comedy maby it will be like the palidan series by jazza
then i scrolled down and saw johnnyutah working on it so basically i had comedy and its a good teaser i liked how you didnt do the cheapshot of having him be electrocuted when the lighting struck the sword instead having the sword melt and also when he saw his name crossed out you didnt make "ffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuu" joke then end it

El-Cid responds:

I do like brevity when it comes to humor. Glad you appreciated that. :D

I'm waiting to see the full animation, has a lot of potential. Nice and fluid animation, good music, voice acting and sound effects. The script also looks very funny.