Reviews for "Swords of Beef - Teaser"

This was really funny. It's weird how there are at least six people billed under the credits but there's only one voice being used. I appreciate all the effort you guys put into making something that isn't even that long. I really was not expecting that. I couldn't help but think the main character in this looked like He-Man. I loved how goofy his voice was.

It seems like with all these people being credited, everyone's busy with something nowadays. I'm really eager to see what will come of this cartoon. Is there going to be actual beef involved? Whatever it is, it looks like it's going to be good and zany! Thanks for hte fun cartoon, guys.


Awesome! I look forward to it!


MTPrower is a shit-dicked douche nozzle.

Oh, and this flash was visually amazing and hilarious.