Reviews for "Swords of Beef - Teaser"

Oh dear God, please don't tell me that this project is going to be a oneshot. So hoping for a sizable series.

Wow, where to begin on this? This featured a lovely blend of talent; the main lively animation, the beautifully painted backgrounds, great sound quality. I'm loving it. The over the top visuals, and all the tiny, extra movements you put in Mr. Beef really made this pop along with the sounds and sight gags.

Looking forward to the real thing dudes, keep up the good work everyone!


Quaaaaality stuff. Might I suggest more sound effects though? Really get 'em in there.


saben q seria me jor que pusieran algunos subtitulos en español ok si le ponen les doy 5 estrellas ok

His name was Chode Face Lol. Whats the biggie?