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Reviews for "Pleasure Island 4"

As allways the quality is brilliant in animation and sound but what gives the epic pleasure island story the 5 stars is the chars and the redoncolous story that is between madness and stupidity need MOAR

Pleasure Island 4 is nothing short of being stellarly epic! It is by far your best looking flash if you ask me, and I loved how Gooseman went all Spider-man on the man.walrus, dodging his attacks and shooting one snide remark after the other.

It's clearly one of your more action oriented flashes. Sure, some of your other works might have more insanely hilarious dialogue to offer, but this one had its fine share of entertainingly sick utterances as well (Gooseman's response to Manny, Fernando's text). The part that really cracked me up was how Gooseman was avoiding Vera's chaingun fire. The pose he was crawling in killed me, not to mention his head shot. Also, props to Siobhan for her bloodchillingly fierce battle cry!

I have to mention the action scenes as well. Just like in Great Destiny Man 2, you have a great way of balancing between the intensity/speed and digestablility of your fight scenes, enabling them to provide a delightful sensory overload while still being easy to follow (espcially at the scene where Gooseman's pounding the man walrus to the ground). Somehow I also get a Tarantino kind of vibe from PI. Maybe it's because Man vs Man Walrus somehow reminds me of Kill Bill, I can't exacly put my finger around it.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with this installment. I was kind of expecting Fernando to have a more active role in the battle, but hey, he did get to slay the foul beast, didn't he? It was a great way of returning to the greasy crew. I can't decide whether I like this or Donut Quest better. So much pure, liquified awesome... I'm quite sure the 'grounders will dig it, and, as always, I'm looking forward to your future projects. Thanks for all the juicy fun!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thanks again, dude. not sure if i already mentioned this but siobhan was pleased because i entirely recycled her battle cries from great destiny man 2.

Thats not fernando, thats leonidas lol. The main guy's voice is weird though, other than that i unno wtfs going on but its entertaining.

Randy needs more jiggle factor.

simply great!