Reviews for "Pleasure Island 4"

Amazing. The Pleasure Island series is truely a testament to your creative talent. Though I don't expect to see it soon, I hope you at least make one more Pleasure Island.

Your pleasure island series' blows me away, I have enjoyed watching them and hope to see number 5, the animation is amazing. In my opinion you have made some of the BEST animations in all of newgrounds and I have been coming to newgrounds for easily the last 15 yrs.
I came across a few forums that mentioned you may not make number 5, may I suggest if that this particular series is becoming too taxing perhaps make #5 the conclusion as I and others are on pins and needles awaiting the next Pleasure Island.
P.S. The five star rating is way too low for your vids I wish I could put 20 stars :)

Sexual-Lobster responds:


This is really an awesome mixture of enjoyable becouse its funny, and enjoyable becouse the action is actually thrilling. As allways, the voices and animation are both brilliant, and it stats in the general mood of the series. Amazing as allways. Cant wait for the next episode.

I agree.. you MUST continue the series. WE all love it too much for YOU to stop...

You better make Pleasure Island 5... you better...