Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

Pothead zombies 2 even pottier than the last.

Good game though...

5 stars.

This game was great overall. There were a few flaws I just couldn't get out of my system so I would like to point them out. First of all, they words they speak. They say them too fast and then they end it, with out a chat in sight. Plus, on one of the waves, your partner said that there were the four elephants. It turned out that there were much more than that amount. Second of all, your life is too short. Sometimes your getting attacked by a mob of pothead zombies and you can't do anything. I love what you did when your getting attacked (because pot makes you lazy or slow) but when there is a mob, you shoot SUPER SLOWLY! Finally, on some levels we can't pass it because of your partner. She/he shoots to slow, and when you are attacked by mobs, your partner doesn't know how to shoot! This game still doesn't annoy me but those are some of the reasons why I don't like this game. Five stars though for everything (except the flaws)! Good show! Bravo!

I really enjoyed the first Pothead Zombies, and this one is very good too. 5 stars for sure. The difficulty is quite balanced, I only got a bit stuck on level 10 with all those buses, but eventually got over it.

I don't think the main difficulty of the game is lack of ammo. You have to balance your use of weapons, at some points during each wave you can change to a worse weapon and save ammo for the really tough moments.

The only thing that made me a bit frustrated sometimes was the skills of the coop player. I like the idea of the coop being better with some weapons than with others, because you can use it to build both characters as complementary. But even in weapons where the coop starts with 4/9 skill level, the guy is really bad (meaning it shoots super slowly) and it takes a lot of time to learn. Eventually, by the last waves you get your coop to be very good at one weapon and sort of OK with another and you just use it all the time, which limits choices in weapon selection.

really nice game, addicting, nice song, lots of guns to choose, and you got an AI partner to help! amazing! they even have some dialogue: "the four elephants of the apocalypse" lol

@tenacious321 no offense but you're using your guns with limited ammo at the beginning to much. use your pistol often and use your limited weapons when you're in trouble. as for your money problem don't buy to many expensive guns at the start, save your money.