Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

OK I am more than ready for this wave i will.... wait holy shit! is that an elephant!?!

finally they have the game now sweet woot
this is the cool bunny
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fantastic game its very fun and addicting

Its simply perfect
The music is happy and make me keep playing
The graphics looks great
The gameplay is almost perfect

you gotta love this game, you shoot loads of zombies, got a good arsenal of weapons, but the best part is... YOU PLAY AS CATS! :3 but a level selection, or even better, a horde mode of increasing difficulty as the time passes would be nice. (dont read past here if you dont like semi-off topic shit) I always loved the SkorpionVZ, its seen as one of the worst SMG's in most games but still, compact simple little SMG i just love for some reason... one of the best Zombie defence games i seen(probly ranking about 3rd or 4th)