Reviews for "Pothead Zombies 2"

Addictive!Great game!

Awesome game, great idea, and fantastic artwork. The game-play was not hard and not easy, also with the function of having your partner level up in a certain weapon.

Some of the main things that bothered me in the game, was if you could Purchase Ammo in stores.
And with the price guns being over than what I have. Sticking with a pistol and buying new pistols each time, it was odd not having enough money to buy the more advanced weapons.

A suggestion, maybe increasing the amount of money gained from killing the pot-headed zombies? :)

Overall, 5/5 10/10 Just some minor improvements with the money system, that's all. Keep it up! :]

yay level 10 xD

Great game, but can do with a tiny add-on. This add on could be to where the gamer could just hold the mouse button down and the gun still goes through its cycle. Such as a pump shotgun would still be firing the same as if the gamer was mashing the mouse. Also, add some more ammo deposits. Had a hard time trying to get the shotgun and grenade launchers ammo whilst having over 4g of H.C. rifle and SMG.

Excellent music in this game. Could you submit on newgrounds menu music(before clicking new game)?