Reviews for "Mural"

This is awesome! I think you have what it takes to make a popular movie this was just wow.

The animation was so good!! I felt like I was watching a movie!!! Congrats man keep up the good work


let me know wen u get the next one up

Why can I only vote "5" once!?

Not only was the animation fantastic, but the story was short, sweet, and heartfelt. You don't need words to tell a story, and this proves that point very well; "Show me". You did an excellent job sir, and I hope to see the continuation of this story.

Amazing Amazing Amazing... except for "My ball went into your house, can I get it?", "sure, go ahead". Those lines of dialogue we not believeable, she doesn't give any explanation or apology, and the mother, who I'm sure is aware that her son is a shy shut in, isn't concerned that her son may be frightened of the girl or vice-versa, she should have at least gave him a warning that the girl was going to be going into his room.