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Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

My first rating, i quite liked it, addictive is right, ill be back that's for sure.

This game was a ton of fun and had a higher level of difficulty that kept it entertaining, but didn't make it frustratingly impossible. Oh and for Aardwolf's comment about the paratroopers... the point of the upgrade/downgrade caused by the paratroopers is to up the difficulty, but gt you closer to turning them into bombs. 5/5 fo sho!

Excellent game, very addicting and a little bit frustrating, but in a good way. Got all 400 stars and all achievements. I'd love to see a sequel.

MostroGames responds:



The game evolves as you play it: the upgrades change the levels themselves. Which means if you come back to the first level after purchasing a few, you will have a different experience from the first time. Plus, it is has an enormous quantity of upgrades and it's quite fun to see the chain reaction of a simple mouse click.