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Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

My first point is that this ia a very pleasent game to play, i didn't get bored but rather frustrated mainly because of those parachutists.

They are the hardest pain you can get which brings me to my second point, get the 'rump roast' skill as fast as you can. It will save you alooot of time. Alooot.

Had a fun time playing it way to the bitter but satisfying end. Great game.

Amazing.... Simply Amazing! I was sooo addicted to this game. Great graphics, awesome sound, challenging game play. The last tier upgrades are too expensive though. It would take forever to get everything.

It's practically impossible to get all stars in all levels, especially the "BIG BOSS" one. It took me 402 days but I did it.

Now, my only question what the hell is the 1st secert medel I for the life of me cannot get it!

great game, addicting, good gameplay and graphics, and best bosses, i like the upgrades xD

I love it just hate the thought of suicide bacon.

This GAME ROCKS!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D !!!!