Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

dam fine game

That was thoroughly addicting and fun! The only reason I'm taking .5 a star off is because of the annoying music. Also, this was QUITE challenging. I spent several hours playing stages over and over trial and error style to get that last star unlocked. Only for me to get all the stars, but be 1 chain-kill and 1 upgrade away from 100% completion. However, earning money after beating everything is a serious grind and I gave up. Also gave up on the 94 chain-kill achievement cause I couldn't seem to find the map that's suited to it.

MostroGames responds:

Level 24 is the one where you may get 94 combo :)

one of the best games ive played in a while , keep up the good work

Super Pig Kamikaze Attack!

Its a very fun game and the challenge of "big boss" are very cool and more with 6 stars (and i earned it), i cannot say anymore ;)