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Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

Excellent game, I noticed a lot of people are talking about para-pigs are getting in the in the way of stars, but I got All levels All Stars. Any who, the game is great good concept and amazing time waster! Great job!

MostroGames responds:

Thank you :)


This is an awesome game! The only problem is what most reviews are saying. the parachute pigs are messing with getting a perfect score. Not sure if this is on purpose or not.

Man, one of the best games i played! I really like the idea of kamikaze...and it had to be pigs! but some objects get in the way of star status and maybe the planes should fly down verticaly as well so getting the stars could be easier.

i love the game but you should make the plane parashooters have some sort of lifespan because they get in the way of full star status