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Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

Great upgrades, addictive, fun.

I am so glad I managed to unearth this great game! What really struck me as so good about it was how there was just so many things going on! I had a great oppurtunity to cause as much destruction as I wanted. It reminded me of those other games where you just hit something once and everything gets destroyed. It was pretty funny to use pigs too. I had no idea this thing was going to get so massive!

All of the upgrades were great too. It's kind of weird how there are so many upgrades to something that is only used once as a weapon. You might not want to glamorize kamikazes. Of course, these are pigs, so who cares? I think my favorite part of the game is how you can roast people, or pigs in this case. It's a fantastic game everyone should play!

Level 38 was hard as fuck. Nice game tho ;P

its a good game and with conffidence and good upgrades you can beat any level with power and good wepons. rate-4.5-5

This game is awesome, upgrades are nice, levels are fun and challenging.