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Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

My first point is that this ia a very pleasent game to play, i didn't get bored but rather frustrated mainly because of those parachutists.

They are the hardest pain you can get which brings me to my second point, get the 'rump roast' skill as fast as you can. It will save you alooot of time. Alooot.

Had a fun time playing it way to the bitter but satisfying end. Great game.

Alright so I played this game to it's fullest. I got all the achievements and all the medals. I must say it was really well done and getting the achievements are worthwhile. Great job!

MostroGames responds:


The Paratroopah Units are Enraging me because They Block you from getting All 6 stars because When they Fall On ground they will be Soldier Units and Blocking you,But when You get Rump Roast the 6 stars will be easier to get

MostroGames responds:

Also even if you not have money for RumpRoast you may easy sell Paratroopahs upgrade. Thanks for play!

I am also a little lost on the intro, But the gameplay is pretty sweet. That last battle is insanely hard if you don't have enough upgrades.

MostroGames responds:

But this is final battle... I think it need to be hard :)

I just left Kongregate after getting the achievements to catch up on NG medals and to my surprise I find this awesome game here. Time to try and beat my Kong score :P Great game, looking forward to your future submissions.

MostroGames responds:

Thank you! :)