Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

Im not good at givin descriptons so Ill sum it up in one word. FUN

Love the game! But my save data is always erased when I come back later :(

I love the game! It's so addicting (and hilarious). The game was a little bit fast though. I'd love to see another kamikaze sequel. :> I got all the achievements and medals possible so it was a little easy for me! haha. What an awesome flash game with very good graphics! *adds to favorites* :D

I did not understand what this game was about nor did I understand the story, the gameplay is weird and the powerups are quite silly and I did not understand how you could think of something like this, even though I still had fun with it
let me put it this way: THE **** DID I JUST PLAY!?!

Excellent game, very addicting and a little bit frustrating, but in a good way. Got all 400 stars and all achievements. I'd love to see a sequel.

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