Reviews for "Kamikaze Pigs"

322 days, STILL CANT BEAT THE F****** BACONATOR 2!!!!

Hey man, this was a great fucking game right up to where it dumped my saved game and started me at the beginning. It would be super cool if you could fix that little glich, mmmmmkay? Thanks. Other wise addicting and a ton of fun, keep it up

Took me 211 days, and 211 days of joy it was. Excellent and VERY addictive game, in the best of ways. Game and author added to my favourites. Very good, and I thank you.

MostroGames responds:

And thank you for playing game!!! :)

Noticed a problem with one of the upgrades. The plane upgrade that causes the pig to eject and parachute down doesn't stop the timer from ending the level, even if they've been killed. There was a level I did where I killed 100% of the pigs, but didn't get the credit because the level ended while the plane pigs were still parachuting. Would appreciate a fix. But other than that, great game.

Addicting game man, although it got irritating in many spots but all games do that at some point or another. It took me 241 days to beat the game to its fullest extent.