Reviews for "Electropede"


THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!! The music! the powerups! just AMAZING!! and addicting!!

Vibe13 responds:

thanks dude - glad you liked it....

Man, this game was was amazing. The music, the powerups. Pretty much everything was fun. I don't know how much more you can implement to this game that hasn't been done to death before. The game is quite hard and I'll admit I got a few game overs once enemies started to flood the screen, but I think the difficulty is what gives these types of games charm.
Anyway, back to the review. As much as appealing the music is, I think you could give some more varieties. Maybe 3 different types of music? Gameplay wise, I have nothing much to say except that maybe make the upgrades stay longer? Either, this was quite fun to play

Here have some stars, I can't hold them all

OH MAN this game is too awesome to have a 5 star vote... it's freaking awesome and seioursly one of my favourites!

Vibe13 responds:

now that's the kind of review I like to read!....glad you liked it so much.

Cool game! Had fun, altho lvl10 was max