Reviews for "Electropede"

This is one of the most awesome games I've ever played here! I think the main reason why it's so great is because there's just so much going on. There's no such thing as a dull moment in this insane world. I have played some "Centipede" games before, but this is easily the best. Heck, it's probably even the best of its kind ever made, including the arcade ones. The colors and effects are freaking fantastic!

The most annoying thing is the red spider that randomly shows up. I've shot that thing like twenty times and nothing ever happens to him. I don't even think that thing CAN be killed. It's weird how the centipedes put these little things everywhere and I'm not even sure what they are. I think they're either eggs or machines or something. Thank you for this fantastic game!

Vibe13 responds:

you can't kill the laser-creeps (the spider things): I thought about making them killable, but in the end I decided it made a better balanced game like this 'cuz even when you've got loads of firepower you still gotta be careful.

those weird things the centipedes leave behind are bio-titanium fungizoids....just for the record.

Amazing game with great gamplay. Soundtrack perfectly matched with the gameplay and graphics. Put on some Razer Electra headphones and I was consumed in a world of heavy bass and quick reaction time.

Loved the style you used for upgrading and the way you changed up the game while still keeping it true to its elements. Made it to just, just under 4 mil and got all achieves. Its amazing but I'm too lazy to play more and try to get top all time score :P

This game is beast!
I love how its difficult but not possible to beat.
I love the flashing lights.

Simple concept, no upgrading system to make things complicated, no storyline. Just straight to the point.
The Music is what keeps me moving..
I'd love to get it though..

Vibe13 responds:

menu-music: "Out of Cel" on "M.m.s Project - Biological System" album from Psydom Records
game-music: "Gravitacional" on "GUI Productions" album from Psydom Records
death-music: "Basement Floor" by "Kevin MacLeod"
end-of-level: "Void Sensor" by "Zeropage"

there's links in the credits-dialog, however last time I looked some of the tunes haves been taken down from the locations I originally downloaded them from so you might have to google for them.....Also I slightly remixed all of them: I don't really wanna post the remixes just 'cuz I'd feel like I was trying to take credit for someone else's work, however one reviewer already told me he managed to grab them straight outta the swf file, so if you've got some flash tools....

Excellent upgrade on a classic. The difficulty progression seemed smooth and the controls were simple enough for anyone to play. The main challenge of the game is to keep the mines clear and avoid spiders (spidroids, spidrones?) while trying to collect upgrades to kill anything surrounding you. Gladly, I'm not confined to bottom quarter of the screen anymore.

Vibe13 responds:

yeah I was pleased with the difficulty progression in the end, although it took me a lot of play-testing and tweaking to get there.

I've been calling them "laser-creeps", but you can call them "spidroids" if you like....

cool graphics, easy controls, classic concept, linear increasing difficulty and what else? oh yes, favourite! great job dude!!

Vibe13 responds:

thanks man - glad it pressed your buttons.