Reviews for "Electropede"

A nice twist on the classic millipede game. I would like it if some upgrade stayed with you through the game but you've surprised me with this game. The moment I started playing i was like "OH GAWD OVERKILL" i noticed there's a mouse problem going around but I'm one of the people that DIDN'T get it.

i have a few things tho. it'd be nice if the music changed every level. and maybe get some kind of a permanent upgrade every level. or at least an extra live every 2 levels

Vibe13 responds:

I really would have liked to switch up the music every level. I don't think I could have added too many extra tunes without massively bloating the download size, but 1 or 2 would have been nice.

Pretty solid. But the music...
MMMHHHHHH! Dat loop!

not like realy arcad games is saple basic noc special dans not suprise and yours mouse leave the scream your extreme lag and die

Vibe13 responds:

the problem with the mouse leaving the screen is really best solved by playing in full-screen mode: With a frantic game like this you're always gonna overshoot the window bounds at times, but that's not a problem in full-screen 'cuz I can still respond to mouse-movements outside of the play-area.....that's the main reason I included a full-screen mode.


Vibe13 responds:

I'm pleased to have pleased you!

its a good game, with decent difficulty, good graphics, nice powerups, and some fitting music

however i cannot give it a 5 star, because the controls felt far too sluggish, and the ship has a nasty tendancy to 'stick' to the edges of the screen.

i got so many game overs simply because the ship refused to do what i told it to do.

tighten up the controls, or give us the option to set movement sensitivity, and it'd be a solid 5

Vibe13 responds:

I haven't experienced the "side-sticking" issue myself. Have you tried playing it in full-screen mode? in window mode if the mouse goes outside of the window the game won't receive any mouse update messages so the ship will remain stuck in position. In full-screen mode that's not an issue 'cuz mouse-updates still keep coming even when the pointer is outside of the play-area.

hmm....the controls feel highly responsive to me - there's very little inertia between the actual mouse-cursor position and the ship's position.....maybe this is related to the loss of mouse events mentioned above......or maybe it's a subjective thing!