Reviews for "Electropede"

Amazing game. I've been visiting newgrounds for years and never made an account until now just so I could write this. Talk about getting nostalgia for the old arcade games. Game looks great, has awesome music and is incredibly addictive and fun. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Vibe13 responds:

thanks man - and I'm glad to have encouraged you to sign up to newgrounds - it's probably the best site on the internet, everyone should have an account....

Fantastic game dude takes me back great job dude keep makin em!!

Vibe13 responds:

I will for sure keep makin' 'em...hopefully getting better at it as well!

Dude...AMAZING game, reminds me of the good old days of centipede on a little pad not a gameboy as centipede had its own little thing. That whole rush of instantaneous power and upgrade whorage is amazing you get one then two then its survival, but turns into a deadly game of pick and choose and if you dont you simply get out numbered and die due to lack of power, i love the modern twist a boss would be nice i only got to level 15 and love the game, the music is good woulda liked more but the build up it provides is satisfying enough hell i even love the menu music xD. Great game. Kudos to you.

Vibe13 responds:

someone else mentioned bosses - I never even considered it 'cuz it wasn't part of the original, but thinking about it now I'm kinda liking the idea, so maybe if I do a sequel one day....

this reminds me of an old comadore 64 classic made by llamasoft called grid runner. the game play is is exact to this and i like it. i like how you put your modern twist on such a very difficult but classic game. 5 stars for you.

Vibe13 responds:

yeah it is my version of Llamasoft's Gridrunner: more specifically I made it after getting the recent iOS remake they released and really enjoying it.

Rather surprising!
when I saw that an arcade game built after Centipede had made it to the front page, I'm not going to lie, I cringed.
I was pleasantly surprised by this one!
the game has a " rush and go" feel that we're seeing a lot in today's arcade reboots, but this is a good thing! It creates a hectic feel that is almost panicked and VERY tense. The upgrades are brutal when stacked at gross amounts. The fact that you DIDN'T allow carry over with them is a good thing, it adds a hardcore aspect to the game that feels genuine, without just being flat out difficult and annoying.
the music does get a bit bothersome, but only when it restarts each level, the track itself is great and maybe if allowed to continuous play, it would be a better, more chaotic experience, lending to the entire "Panicked", this is getting heavier and heavier feel. Allowing the game to build with the music.
I like the animation, but I have to say, if turned into a seizure-bot of bright colors and pulsing, this would be beyond epic. The music would certainly lend well to a more modern retro style of presentation. With some polish, this could be one for the books!
Over all, I'm glad I took the plunge and hit play.
It's addictive, pulse pounding and flat out fun.

Vibe13 responds:

you're surprised that a centipede remake can be fun? - man it's a true classic! ...but seriously I agree with pretty much all your points, positive and negative, so thanks for the well considered review.