Reviews for "Electropede"

awesome game. all I would say is that we need to be able to keep the upgrades, and maybe there should be health or something so you won't die that easily....idk. but otherwise AWESOME game. loved it

Vibe13 responds:

thanks for the support - much appreciated.

I did think about adding a health bar but in the end I wanted to keep it true to the old school roots of centipede and gridrunner - both of which can be quite unforgiving games, (this is still a lot easier than them 'cuz of the powerups).....if I do a sequel I'll think about health-bars again.

I love the way you take basic game concepts and add a whole lot more energy and carnage. I think I enjoy this more then the Starmageddon series.

A few improvements I would recommend: A pause feature, a save feature, keeping your weapon upgrades inbetween each level instead of starting over with just the single gun every time. Make the mines a little more visible. Oh, and fewer spiders. Or at least make them killable.

Vibe13 responds:

thanks for the vote of confidence: "basic games with more energy and carnage" is definitely what I've been aiming for.

You should be able to pause using RETURN or SPACE, (I think only RETURN works in full-screen mode though).

It does save your progress so you can start on any level you've previously reached...or at least it should be doing that if everything is working ok.

Thinking about it now maybe I should have kept weapon upgrades active between levels - I have done it like that in a previous game so I don't really know why I didn't this time around.....also I should have let you grab power-ups as you warp out of a level (sometimes you get an extra life just when the level completes and all you can do is watch it drop off the screen).

The graphic design on the mines is generally not too good, so yeah they could definitely have done with some improvements.

Killable spider - I'm leaning more towards that idea nowadays: I didn't do it like that 'cuz I wanted them to pose a threat even when your ship is "tooled up", however I suppose I could've just given them a ton of hit-points.

man i love the music :D

Vibe13 responds:

yeah me too :)

I really try to use appropriate music in my games 'cuz I think the soundtrack is the biggest influence on the game's atmosphere - it's what sets the whole 'tone' of the experience.

I enjoy listening to all kinds of music but for my retro-shooter games I think electronic psych/trance music is definitely appropriate....I've got an itch to do something with dubstep, but I reckon I'd need a slightly different kind of game for that to work well.

decent game play. needs save, pause and volume buttons. movement tracks mouse too slow. this becomes a problem on higher levels.

Damn good game and the music is damn good.

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