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Reviews for "Zombie at the Gates"

bit glitchy on the bow side, it does not always work for hitting the zombies, and i don't mean it's missing i mean it's not even registering the shots going past the zombies at all.

A great looking game with a lovely graphic style. The land expansions and weapon upgrades, as well as the random waves of zombies, prevented the game from getting too repetitive . The upgrades also didn't take too long to save up for which is always a bonus.
I would have liked an option to see the achievements from the pause menu though.

Grate game, had a lot of fun with it :), the few problem i have with it is that instead of getting harder trough the levels is getting easier also i don't know if this is intended but when you unlock the left or right side of the level you can stay there till one zombie raises from the ground then leave the area, that zombie stays there that way you can go and kill every thing without worrying of killing the last zombie and not get those boxes for money and materials, a fix for that would be to make the zombies go back in the ground and rise near you that way he can harass you and make game a little more interesting.

another game who have armor games advertiser...
now game:add information that in first level you need to attack objects not to wait for zombies(almost gave 1 start because no zombies appeared after 2 mins) alot upgrades i like that and whole game is just kill zombies for upgrades

Really funny little game :)