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Reviews for "Zombie at the Gates"

Its a cool game but there needs to be a fix where the staff zombies walk away from the gate. You cant even leave a gate unless you wait 5 mins for them to walk to the castle i give it a 4 and a half. plz fix it

One thing I noticed is that after the first few nights, it's easiest to just hide behind the gates, wait for stomp to charge, and then take a few swings at the mob of zombies I can't seem to fight otherwise than to do, well... anything else. Maybe just me.

I also have a serious bone to pick with medic sheep often standing near enemies I need to kill or objects I need to break and getting hurt. I noticed he reacts if I hit him but I don't know the results as I left him alone. I don't know if there's any point to this.

funny game, im very enjoy this :D

Fun game. The ease with which the zombies kill you gets a bit frustrating after a while. I never felt like I was getting stronger (even after the full upgrades)

I like the animation put into it. It's cute. xD But I was hoping for more weapons and upgrades though. :)