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Reviews for "Zombie at the Gates"

well made and well thought out... way too easy if you bottleneck them at the fenses thou

This is great for kids.
Good work

What an amazing game such a joy to play kept me occupied for a whhhhhile lol more please!!!

bit glitchy on the bow side, it does not always work for hitting the zombies, and i don't mean it's missing i mean it's not even registering the shots going past the zombies at all.

A bright and colourful map to play in with amusing toons. Looked gorgeous.

The gameplay was really lacking though. I thought I'd have to upgrade the Castle myself and was a bit disappointed that it did everything automatically (although besides the weapons and sheep it really didn't matter that much). Dropping zombies could've been a challenge towards the end since Bow > Stomp Hit > Run > Bow > Stomp Hit wasn't an infinite rotation and it did take a while to take out the shields, but if it ever got out of hand you'd just run to a gate and Stomp Hit > Bow anything that was within range then quickly run back to the gate if a zombie got too close or your Stomp Hit was about to wear off.

Definitely one of the best games I've seen on Newgrounds visually-wise, but it was just really boring to play something so simple, not earning any repercussions even if you did end up dying.