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Reviews for "Zombie at the Gates"

weapons are too weak.
ground slam control was never explained in game.
life was meaningless since you couldn't walk through a zombie without it killing you. basically if you get into a situation where you need to let something hit you, then you're dead.

overall the difficulty level was stupid. you really had no way whatsoever to control if you survived. you'd just have to get lucky.

WITHOUT fail, everytime i'd get cornered by a bunch, i'd stomp to stun, run past them and have a new monster spawn right on the other side of them and kill me. nothing i can do to avoid that.

the graphics are great. the sound design is fine. but the balance? some of the worst i've EVER seen.

I really liked the game but it had a few flaws. At times you got overwhelmed with zombies, to the point that you couldn't kill them. The weapons were under powered, and the zombies overcoroweded the "safe zones" sometimes to the point where you couldn't get past them to kill them. The cost of upgraded weapons was at a good pace for the amount of money you got.

If you upped the weapon strength a little, and allowed the zombies to roam more it would have been perfect.

I really liked this game, it has so many good features and, in my opinion, it is very good.
The game is easy, has nice graphics and a funny story. The difficulty increases as you progress, which is good. Also, the battlefield's simplistic design is just beautiful! I also like the boat/springs idea, very creative. This game also obligates people to plan their moves (especially when 'Vikings' start to spawn), because one doesn't wants to become trapped between two hordes. In this case, you can use the stomp hit, which I think was a very good implementation to the game, making it easier.
About the music, I just love it! It never gets too repetitive and fits pretty well. Great job with this, it really looks like you've put a lot of effort into this and I hope you make a sequel!

Not bad, but the king was a little slow, and the ranged weapons seemed basically useless. Other than that, it was all pretty good.

The art and creativity is there but lacks the care of a game design/gameplay.
The simple mechanics are forgivable to a point but the whole attack/movement system needed refinement. There were times when I'd go from 6 hearts to 0 in nearly less than a second just because of an unlucky series of spawns with no smash jumps left.
The castle's arrows didn't even contribute.

I just skipped all except two of the upgrade weapons-- and even still, I didn't really even care about that I was using the strongest weapons, I used the crowbar 90% of the game with no problems. The whole RPG-element in general REALLY needed tweaks and adjustments. This really bugged me as I see a lot of game designers just throw leveling up and upgradable weapons just for the sake of enticing players. I ended up with max weapons and nothing to spend the extra money on (same with the stars).

I liked the "unlockable areas" for more loot but the loot itself didn't feel that rewarding. By the end, I just felt like finishing the game since the gameplay got linear and there was nothing to learn/master/have fun with (just repetitive swing melee and shoot, collect).
Hopefully a sequel will address these issues as the overall gameplay lacked the excitement and presisting enjoyment no matter how nicely drawn the game was.

I really have to commend the artistry and professional, smooth feel to the game though. Seriously people, just take some time to appreciate the background and music and art style and animation this author put into this game!