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Reviews for "Zombie at the Gates"

well good concept and fun.... FOR THE FIRST TWO LEVELS! The zombies are way to op and the hardness level in this game is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great game. love style, artwork and idea although some of the zombies seem way too over powered (especially the spear wielding ones).

I woudl give this five starts if the zombies weren't so OP.

I have to say that, while I managed (by accident) to basically "cheat" at this game, until I did the game was very tough, and quite fun, and I'll get into my criticisms after I explain to people having trouble the way to win, step by step, although I would like to mention that this works best after one island is unlocked, but works fine without it.
Step 1) Run to the nearest safe zone, collecting resources along the way
Step 2) Go to another island and make sure at least one zombie spawns there before going back to the middle island.
Step 3) Hide near the safe zone and shoot and hack down as many zombies as you can before they start grouping up
Step 4) Ground slam WHILE STILL IN THE SAFE ZONE, stunning all the zombie near the gate, walk you, attack ONCE, run back in. (If you attack more then once you risk
Step 5) Repeat step 4 until they are all dead.
Step 6) Collect all the resources on the islands, ground slamming the single zombie left alive to pass by him and collect resources on his island. When boxes stop spawning kill him to finish the level.
If you have your weapon system online, do steps 1 and 2 then just hide in the safe zone until they're all dead. I don't know how long this takes (it happened to me when I went and played a different game with some friends and came back to all of them being dead) but it will probably take a while.

It's slow, but it works really well.

Anyways, for criticisms, I was kind of annoyed I couldn't CONTROL what was being upgraded, and that the weapons on the castle didn't do much damage. Also I can't really imagine how people are supposed to win besides using the method I just described, which, to be honest, isn't very fun, only effective.
Still puzzling OUT that strategy was fun, and having it work was fun, and the ending was cute too, so bonus points for that. I feel like the stomp should have been explained more, since I had to look in the description bar to know how to do it, and I didn't notice the stomp bar until about... 7 levels in? And explanation of that would have been nice :)

wow. wow. where do i start great game, i'll just say the bad things and that it since this game is very good. the only 3 things i saw bad was if the zombies would spawned on u and u would instantly die. since zombies would all-ways spawn in front of u i had once where he spawned in the save area and walked right out. also it could use more weapons and stuff to upgrade especially since it quite early on started that everything else was useless. besides that very very good game. haven't found anything else wrong and loved playing it.

ps. great game and thanks for making such a good game

Quite a fun little game you've created. I don't understand why everyone here is complaining about the weapon strength. It seemed fine to me. Heck, the last sword would 2-hit some of the zombies. It's a great game.

To everyone getting stuck with being overcrowded, use the fences to your advantage. They can't pass them. Use your stomp on one side to stun then, open the gate, smack them in the face, then run back. Rinse and repeat. Also, don't keep blowing all your money on the next weapon. Save up and skip a few weapons to get an uber weapon. I think I saved up from the third melee weapon all the way up to the last one, and there was a big difference there.

All in all, a fun game. The only thing I'd like changed is the materials system. They become useless towards the end of the game. Perhaps if you make another, give the player control of what the materials are spent on as well as giving them options. For example, instead of the gates to other areas, maybe the player would rather hole up in a super-fort. The advantage would be that they're always revivable, the disadvantages would be less resources found and a possible trap if the zombies manage to break through. Good job pal