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Reviews for "Zombie at the Gates"

Great graphics, Great idea. Horrible balance.

The difficulty made me stop about 7 days in, I just could not hit that many zombies that fast. I understand that using the safe zone is supposed to be a way to stomp and kill but after 2 days of doing that I made almost no progress as I killed all the zombies and didn't get to collect anything. If the makers of this game ever happen to read this review just two things I would change. Make it so you gather a certain amount of stuff to advance instead of killing all the zombies, and tune the difficulty back or make weapons stronger.

I seriously don't understande this game. Great graphics, good BGM, interesting gameplay and all.. but how are we supposed to kill so many zombies? I mean, weapons are weak, bows don't attack zombies that are near and if you have 2 or more near you, you're dead. Seriously, you should have worked a bit more on that. Perhaps a "Choose difficulty" option.
Overall it's good though.

I dont see why people complain about OP zombies, i found the game pretty easy actually.. Anyways, great game! Pretty clever and looked and played great, the resources did get useless later on, but still great!

there needs to be a sandbox mode im fully upgraded and have to whatch the end cutscene every time i play!

Beautiful graphics and fun gameplay, though it does get a bit tiresome after a certain amount of rounds. More upgrades and maybe a jump option would be nice. And the pace is a little slow... Great overall though.