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Reviews for "Zombie at the Gates"

This is a really fun and exciting game, while I do wish the weapons were more powerful - I really appreciate the upgrades and character design. It is a bit hard getting around hordes of zombies and my character tends to die a lot, but after a while you can get the hang of it. I especially love the ending.

Great job! ^^

one of the best games i played so far that didn't suck,the game its self is the one that's epic. If you make a new game like this,i will play it because this game is so epic, the zombies crack me up,they look so funny. But the sheep are so bad ass. They walk around like they dont care about any thing. The sheep hop on there hely and zap you with a 200 volt litening bolt that revivs you. this is my comint icewolf out

good games i love this graphics and you can get a continue to the story

yeah pls add a "choose difficulty" option. the game was a bit too easy :D but overall was really funny

Yes, it has good graphics, but I do not even finished the first level to get bored with this game and that is only because that character walks too slow. Sorry dude, two stars...