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Reviews for "Elevator Breakout"

make this game for mobile devices, and you would be a HUGE success

Great Game, Consept Art & Music.

Programming is your downfall, also should have been beta/bug tested.

When collecting mulitple coins about 10+ per second, parts of the elevator would disapear.
-this may be because of the coin image, it looks like the boxes folow the coins and disapear at the same time.
When dieing and retrying, you keep all of the helmets you've bourght before and the construction worker but no other items.
-All or none of the items should be kept. not a mixture thats wierd and uncatagrised.
When playing on the second playthrough, the doors to the evelator are gone and so is the character you play as.
-Self explanetary.
When the elevator takes damage and 'jumps' as a result, the top of the image where the elevator cords are, you can see them not going off the screen and instead deattaching and reattaching themselves from the top.

Unfortunatly the list goes on. due to inexperienced programmers, I would addvise that you go over your work and get a goo beta tester next time. Do this and you have pertential.

Well done,

it a great game short and to the point simple i like that if u do make another one have the dude be blck just cause


Fun little game. Music is very very repetitive, though.