Reviews for "Ragdoll Achievement"

So fun!!!!!!!!!

Very adictive!!! love it <3

Very good, very nice, very funny, so funny I thought of sharing it on my FB wall through the fb button available on the very screen and get some more points, since I had so few achievements left to unlock... until I came back from facebook and THE WHOLE F* THING HAD BEEN ERASED!!!!!!! WTH doesn't it have a frigging save system??????!!!!!!! D:<

Really, I'm really pissed, specially 'cause I was really into the game and honestly wanted to share it with my friends, and now I'm disappointed and demotivated to play from the beginning :(

PegasGames responds:

Hey, this is our mistake to ignoring save feature. Sorry for that! I will upload new version with saves today!

And ... game save is FIXED now!! Enjoy! :)

This game is good, but it would have been better if it had A GODDAMN SAVE SYSTEM!!!!!

You have got to be kidding me... Not only is this stolen from BOTH Achievement Unlocked and Flakboy, but it just mashed them together VERY poorly. Unoriginal and sloppy... I am disappointed.