Reviews for "Ragdoll Achievement"

I would love to see more weapons, but I really enjoyed this game

It's alright, really. A wider variety of weapons would be nice, not to say that what's there isn't already fun - they just get a little bland after a while. Also, a bit of proofreading would do wonders to make the achievement/task popups significantly less annoying.

I want to see James Bond trying to scape alive from my death room...
Mario Bros. may had a chance XP

I thought I was going to fling the ragdoll around but instead I have a defense like game to just put mines and weapons to prepare for the next round? Really disappointing.

Um.. Well, I liked this game the first time I played it. It reminded me of the fun times with the game Flak Boy. Unfortunately, the next time I returned today to play this game, the game loaded up, but when I pressed Play the game froze with only the floor button and is making an irritating buzzing sound.