Reviews for "Ragdoll Achievement"

yeah as superfog said there was already a game that was nearly identicale to this. also, i kept getting a bug where the trampoline would bounce me out of the screen. I'd like to be able to view any achievement I wanted insted of just the tax licks

Armor games featured a game with a similar idea, something about hammers and turtles. It was more epic, but I did enjoy this game and it was well made. Also, the achievement thing mimics the achievement unlocked games style. Just saying, go with an idea outside the box/Armor Games' website

Ill be breif..... Epic.... that is all

The game itself is pretty addicting and fun, however achieve the goals can be a difficult challenge if you can't plan perfectly.

You can get some fun weaponry but others are annoying and problematic, such as saws or machineguns which can compromise your planning. Nothing in-game can stop you from continue torturing the dummy, but competitiveness will lead to buy massive weaponry.

For all those events, I'll give it a three and half stars from five.

great game spent atleast half an hour on it :)