Reviews for "Ragdoll Achievement"

Good game I enjoyed it the easiest way to get woodman achievement is to put rockets around the wall and have axes in a U shape around where the dummy drops. Also i had a problem with the achievement list after i got past the woodman achievement it doesn't appear after that one so i have no idea how to get the rest of the achievements.... not sure if its suppose to be like that or not just pointing it out. Hope this was helpful.

O-o Mega overkill Kamikaze. Twice. This should be renamed "Test dummy kill chamber!"

Amusing Game!

I have to agree with theNoNamer. I'm having problems unlocking the woodman goal. With 7 axes and springs all over the ground the dummy is in pieces. All pieces except his torso are showing maxed damage. But all the axes will run outta power before the whole dummy is at max damage. I'm not sure if this will require tweaking on the gameplay but i've tried 6-7 axes in various spots and it's just not getting the job done. With that aside this is a super fun game and i've not seen anything else that required complaining.

i bugged the game, but stills begin fun :3