Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 3"


Another GREAT episode :D i enjoyed every second of it and was even looking forward to more Dune episodes :P

The robot was awesome both in personality and voice acting.

5 stars!

Toonwerks responds:

There was one scene where we were gonna have a survival guide play to tell the inhabitants of the escape pod how to survive on the barren world, and most of it was straight up dune references but that whole scene got cut :C

Woot! Great episode guys! I'm pumped that I got to voice the snake-man.
8-Bit Mickey

Toonwerks responds:

No problem :D thanks for helping us out, it was a pleasure to hear you in there ^_^ I just wish we'd been able to give you a bigger part!

I love everything about this series, art work, characters, voice acting. Please keep it up!

This really is just good.

Great Work epxecting another episode soon.