Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 3"

We should make this into, like, an actual TV show, or something!

This series is really well done for something you find on the internet. I did notice a lot of matierial which you guys may or may not have noticed appeared in other sci-fi series, movies, and books.

The brass british service android stranded on a dessert planet after jettisoning an escape pod reminded me strongly of c3p0 from Star Wars (as was likely the intent) but was also trying to kill himself as Bender from Futurama does in the pilot episode and throughout the rest of the series

The characters were chased by a sand worm which the series Dune is famous for

The captain of the ship sounds like Patrick Stewart, who played Captain Picard in Star Trek. He is also a talking goldfish. Both a talking goldfish and a character voiced by Patrick Stewart are characters in American Dad

Many of the crewmembers look very similar to the navi from Avatar

overall, funny and well made, but not that original

Toonwerks responds:

That moon's name is also Sikara, we just weren't able to fit it anywhere into the episode. Sikara is arakis spelled backwards and is 2 letters away from Sahara.

Pretty much everything you see in this series that 'seems' like it might be a reference is and we probably discussed it for several hours before implementing it.

" I hate coffee"..."WOOHOOHOOHOOHOO!!!"
LOL great comedy and story awesome job!

very nice like always i enjoys the series. id make a shitty tv show.

This really is just good.