Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 3"

Click on the ship in the main menu. See what you did there :3

Can you bring back SFTU-9000? I find him a lot more entertaining than the clean-bot.

Toonwerks responds:

He'll be back in Episode 4! BUT, he is in the hidden scene in this movie. Did you explore the main menu thoroughly?

You guys need to watch cartoons or something not creative at all.
i like how you made the escape capsil project right through Neptune looking planet, i saw what you did there.... i didn't like it. i mean the animation is good, but... kill your writer its like he tried so hard to make shit... i mean stick with the dick jokes cuz this crap makes my inspiration hurt like a bitch, and its sci fi for crying out loud. you get a one for such dry hummer. and one percent of one percent writing for creating such crappy characters.

Absolutely brilliant, it totally worth the wait, now lets hope it doesn't take as long, curious to find out what Nova doesn't hate.

GReat work! Keep these coming!