Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 3"

did they land on Dune? (sandworm, desserts, etc) :D

Toonwerks responds:

Technically, the moon is named Sikara in the flash file. I'll let you figure that one you!

Ive already had a chat with Mark about this, but im going to write it again anyways because im drinking and coffee and I have nothing better to do.

Im going to say that it all feels rather disjointed, and I know you would all be aware of this seeing as you all worked on the animation and you are all at different skill levels, with Mark being the only one I would consider to be truly "competent".

I found the same problem with the writing, it just didn't have the same wit to it that the previous 2 episodes had, this could have largely been due to the new character, the cleaning robot... whats his name again? I just didn't find him engaging at all, and as an older guy on his way to his 30's I actually found him rather annoying, with both his voice and general personality. He reminded me a lot of Jar Jar Binks actually, just really obnoxious and off putting (I know this might have been a deliberate choice, but when a character is so annoying it makes people want to stop watching then you have yourself a problem), but then again maybe the kids on this site will like that.

I could also go into detail about the inconsistent use of the line tool, its been completely removed on some characters (and I realise its been this way since episode 01) but still sits on others and on the nose's and mouths (and the sandworm looked like it was taken directly from someone else's cartoon, with a completely inconsistent art style to the rest of the series) which i find really distracting, but that could be a stylistic choice so whatever.

The backgrounds are beautiful as always, but the general direction (outside of the lovely sandworm sequence) felt rather flat and boring compared to previous episodes as well, which is strange since this episode has had the most action to date.

Point is, this episode felt like a half assed experiment when compared to the two that came before it, so it might be worth going back to 1 animator per episode from here on in. It was okay, could have been a lot better, SHOULD have been a lot better with the amount of talent involved.


I love everything about this series, art work, characters, voice acting. Please keep it up!

Really nice stuff =) happy to see things like this on Newgrounds, its what keeps me coming back.

The ending was cute, congratulations, the whole team should be proud.

Very fluid animation, just like the previous ones. I liked it a lot. And unlike last episode, the recording quality of each actor's lines was quite good. Keep it up.

Oh, and uh... where's Legend of Blackbook 2?