Reviews for "The Suspense II"

Wow, beautifully done, everything about it was glamorous. I love the simple character style and how every character was building their own demise (for the most part.) what really made me love it were the latin quotes, it was fun to go through and read them all (even tho i didn't really notice them till level seven.) Outstanding job on the musical atmosphere too, great immersive affect. side note, in the final underground quote in the seventh level you had misspelled 'morar' as 'morair.' those are the only reasons for the half star missing. :)
p.s. didn't have to translate the third quote -conceding- :P

Excellent game. Love the 'ending'. The contrast between the two time periods. Good soundtrack. Graphics were nice, not shabby, not ever done. Good playability, as in the controls worked as they should in a game like this. The only reason for the 4 1/2* rather than a five is this isn't the type game I'll play again until I see that part 3 is out, then I'll replay this one before your next great effort.

finally something new and different

This is a great game with great graphics and a wonderful and original concept. Now if only i wouldn't get stuck so much...