Reviews for "The Suspense II"

The end caught me by surprise. Nice job.

Secret glitch at the end. I tried switching worlds at the last moment and the ending credits were flashing red throughout. Nice touch for them but I can't click the button to return to the main menu. hehehe

This was a very unique idea. Challenging, but not ridiculously hard. I had fun.

Fun but very glitchy :(

Wow this was fun but the most fun i had was looking up all the Latin phrases lol. if you could give me a translation of them or a list or where you found them just so if anyone is like me, they too can read the writings and what they mean if they scroll down the reviews. Thanks if you door or if you don't and also thanks for the game it was enjoyable to play it.

I thoguht taking the key to the end instead of using it to let death through would unlock an alternate ending. Hmm....