Reviews for "The Suspense II"

finished it was awesome


the art looks good, the music is great but all i can do is (even after clicking on start) right click with my mouse and then clicking play to get from level to level. i can not even use the controlls. i hope that is a bug or a glitch because i am eager to play this game.

Stage I : Memento mori- "In death I am reborn."
Stage II : Via est vita-"The way is life."
Stage III : De mortuis aut bene aut nihil-"Of the dead, either well or not at all."
Stage IV : N/A
Stage V : see Stage I
Stage VI : Oportet vivere- "Must live."
Stage VII : Hoc est vivere bis, vita posse priore frui-"This is to live twice, first to be able to enjoy life."

Homo totiens moritur quotiens amittit suos-" A man dies as often as his friends."
De mortuis nihil nisi bene-"Of the dead, nothing unless good."
Cum morir, medium solvar et inter opus-"When he dies, he shall pay to the middle of the work, and between."

Stage VIII : Malum consilium consultori pessimum-" The worst of bad advice."
Stage IX : Nosce te ipsum- "Know Thyself."
Stage X : "You can't escape Death..."

Ur welcome =)

i didnt play this game but it was awesome