Reviews for "The Suspense II"

Awesome concept, esp. like when actions you do in the past/colourful world change the future/sepia/death world. However, the character's movement speed is too slow, along with the jump(seriously, how does pushing a box make you move faster) Also, it's rather annoying in the timed jumps between worlds, because I have to guess when the platform's coming. In The Strange level, I'm pretty sure at the end, you're supposed to move the box over the buttons to stop the blade and therefore be able to move on, but somebody didn't think that through, because I could just go to the colour world and walk through all the buttons, so when I press s again, I pass the blade and the door's in front of me. For some reason, even though I have the key, I can't continue...

Very good game, but I'd like to clear something for those that think this is past and future. It's not.

The two "times" that you control in this game are of the same exact time, but two different ways.

Life and Death.

One is the world of living, the other is the world of the dead. There is no time travel in this game. That's why switches from one world affect things in the other, etc.

i found a bug i died in a block and i saw the dungeon and that man was in blockand i kept falling

Very interesting. you are in a world where you and many people have died in a deathly world and have the ability to travel back in time, only to see that you have caused a future that should not of come

For a time travel game, the switches you pull in the future should have no effect on the devices in the past. There were several times where this occurred. The very first switch, for example...
Additionally, since it is possible to get to the end of the level without letting Death through, I was disappointed that I had to go back and lead him through to the end as well, making the ending seem forced upon me instead of part of the story.