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Reviews for "The BLAMinator"


That was FUKING amazin.
How do u do it u r the best at making games at movies Kirk Markworth.
1 thing. Impossible is possible :)
Just fukking hard
Thx good game!

Dooooood awsome!!!

Dude kirklip you did it again. On your last review I told you that you could pump out something great and that just because Bad Inventions finale wasn't your best work doesn't mean that you aren't a flash genius. This was awsome not great. Besides the fact that it involved T2 shit and guns and the terminator edoskeleton vision effect, it also adds the fact that you get to KILL THE FUCK OUT OF THAT NO TALENT PRICK BACONBURGERCLOCK!!!!!! Awsome game man. Keep 'em coming.

Reload The gun!

Great game, I got up to the impossible level. The problem is not enough bulluts(always have to reload), and reloading takes too long. The music was okay. The fuzz is bad!

hiyeeea! die!

This is really good. It's pretty fun. The only thing I wanted to see is more levels. Also I don't think you can shoot Burger's big fat head, you can only shoot their bodies to kill. I hope you come up with more!

Die, BaconBurger Clock!

Awesome game. I liked the "special effects" and music. I wish there were more levels though, where, after defeating all the enemies on screen, you move to another area of the battle field, you know? Perhaps you should add at least a few more bullets to a clip? It was a little bit annoying to run out of bullets everytime after just 4 shots. Other than that, great game. Make a sequel!